Gluten Free - choose freely

Potato and corn chips - check ingredients. Unflavoured products may contain gluten or may be labelled with a "may contain gluten" 
warning which means the products such be avoided.
Popcorn - check ingredients.
Gluten free pretzels.
plain and nut chocolate - check ingredients. Avoid those containing barley malt as well as other gluten containing ingredients.
Check labelling on all sweets as they may contain starch and starches derived from gluten containing grains.
Glucose syrup derived from wheat is gluten free.A typical day’s menu on a gluten free diet

This is a guide to the range of foods you can include in a gluten free diet. The volume of food will vary for individuals. Be aware of the need to maintain your fibre intake (aim 25 – 30 g per day) ( See high fibre diet). Women and children should include 2- 3 calcium rich foods per day.t


Gluten free muesli with fresh or tinned fruit and milk

Or buckwheat porridge with dried fruit and milk.

Gluten free toast with margarine and jam, honey or peanut butter.

Tea or coffee


Sandwiches made with gluten free bread with cheese or beef and salad or Corn tortillas with salad and lean chicken

Tinned or fresh fruit with yoghurt ( check ingredients)

Water, fruit juice, tea or coffee

Main meal

Glass of wine, juice soft drink or water.

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with gluten free soy sauce and rice noodles,

Thickened with potato flour.

Fruit with gluten free custard or gluten free ice cream


Gluten free rice crackers with cheese and tomato or gluten free biscuits with tea or coffee

Fresh fruit or dried fruit and nuts.

Not Gluten Free - do not eat

Avoid snacks derived from gluten containing grains.
Wheat and rye crackers.
Potato, corn and rice chips - check for gluten derived ingredients such as wheaten soy sauce.
Wheat pretzels.
Grissini sticks.
Extruded snacks.
Soy crisps. 
Commercial and movie popcorn - check.
Filled chocolates may contain wheat derived fillings.