Meat, fish, poultry and soups

Gluten Free - choose freely

  • Fresh, smoked and corned - check for gluten derived ingredients.
  • Frozen without sauce, crumbs or batter.
  • Canned meat or fish which contains no gluten derived ingredients.
  • Ham off bone, bacon, corned beef - check for gluten derived ingredients including wheat based maltodextrin.
  • Gluten free sausages (ensure that the butcher makes these first to avoid contamination).
  • Eggs.
  • Tofu - check.
  • Homemade soups from gluten free ingredients. Gluten free stock powders and liquid stocks.
  • Gluten free meat pies and sausage rolls.
  • Some commercial soups (check ingredients).
  • Homemade pizzas using allowed ingredients.
  • Commercial pizzas that are labelled gluten free or are made form gluten free ingredients. Beware of sources of contamination in restaurants and takeaways.

Not Gluten Free - do not eat

  • Meat and fish prepared with gluten derived ingredients.
  • Flavoured tunas (check ingredients).
  • Smallgoods, eg sausages, devon, processed meats and processed ham must be checked for gluten containing ingredients.
  • Meat pies and sausage rolls made from gluten containing grains.
  • Frozen dinners that contain gluten derived ingredients.
  • Tofu burgers may contain gluten.
  • Homemade or commercial soups made with thickeners, stock powders, pasta, barley or flours containing gluten.
  • Commercial pizzas.