Cereal products, flours, baking products

Gluten Free - choose freely

  • Arrowroot, corn (Maize) flour, Cornmeal, polenta, rice four, potato flour, soy flour, lentil flour, millet.
  • Rice (brown, white, wild), sago, tapioca, buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa Baby rice cereal.
  • Rice bran.
  • Soy based Lecithin.
  • Rice and corn breakfast cereals (malt free) Home-made/commercial muesli using allowed ingredients.
  • Gluten free pasta made with allowed flours.
  • Rice Vermicelli.
  • Custard powder (check ingredients).
  • Glucose, dextrose, caramel.
  • Sugar – brown, white and raw.
  • Pure icing sugar.
  • Gelatine.

Not Gluten Free - do not eat

  • Wheat, wheat starch, wheat based cornflour, semolina, rye flour, triticale, bulgur, couscous, wheatgerm, wheat bran, oat bran, barley.
  • Oats - the current recommendation is that oats should be excluded from a gluten Psyllium.
  • Beware that oats may be listed as gluten free in some countries.
  • Malt, malt extract/maltodextrin (check sources).
  • Wheat breakfast cereals, or mixed grain cereals.
  • Macaroni and spaghetti made from gluten containing flours.
  • Puddings and custard powders made from gluten containing flours.
  • Icing sugar mixtures.
  • Thickener (1400 – 1450) if listed as derived from wheat, rye, oats or barley.
  • Baking powder that contains gluten containing grains.
  • Pre gel starch.
  • Starch, modified starch if derived from wheat, rye, oats or barley.