Bread, biscuits, cakes and pastry

Gluten Free - choose freely

  • Products labelled as "gluten free" can be eaten freely. 
  • Gluten free bread
  • Gluten free biscuits, cakes pastry and pancakes.
  • Rice crackers, rice cakes, corn cakes and corn and rice crisp breads.
  • Gluten free breadcrumbs.
  • Taco shells and pappadums (check ingredients).
  • Corn tortillas.
  • Gluten free baking powder.
  • Bakers’ yeast - check ingredients

Not Gluten Free - do not eat

  • All gluten containing bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, pies, crispbreads, crumpets and muffins containing unsuitable flours.
  • Foods in batter, crumbs or pastry including filo pastry.
  • Breadcrumbs and stuffings unless gluten free.
  • Wheat based tortillas and burritos.
  • Baking powders based on unsuitable flours including wheat.
  • Communion hosts.
  • Some commercial yeast mixes may contain gluten.
  • Decorative toppings including hundreds and thousands may contain gluten.